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May 21, 2012
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Milizia: Mercredi De Roux by mogemogemoge Milizia: Mercredi De Roux by mogemogemoge

"Il faut mille ans pour me tuer."

♦ Basic Information

Division: Combat

⇒ Name: Mercredi De Roux (Nickname Mercy or Merci)

⇒ Age: 21

⇒ Class: Officer. Senior

⇒ Height: 162 cm

⇒ Weight: 48 kg

⇒ Stats:

STR: 4
AGI: 10
VIT: 6
INT: 7
DEX: 10
DEF: 4

♦ Personality

⇒ Mercy is extremely patient man even though one may ticked him off, he rarely gets angry in front of the person and public. The only time he'd show it when the person's happen to have deeply insulted him or a huge problem in general, he'd deal them privately and most likely giving a proper lesson in his own way or another. Mercy's diligent and quite meticulous with any small details he does, be it his paperwork or his trainings, and if he ever felt inadequate or having to disappoint his higher up and the majority, he'd redeem it by harder workout to hone his skills. The same behavior goes to the student where he will push them to the perfection.

⇒ Well mannered due to raised in a princely and influential family, he highly respects woman not only because of growing up in such surrounding, but his firm reasoning of woman able on bringing new life to the world. While Mercy's obedient to the higher-ups, he can be very presumptuous to the lower ranked people: the students ( and occasionally the same-level). The arrogance happen to be one of his method keeping most people in arm-length, since he hardly trust anyone due to his experience and believed that opening up may only show your weaknesses. Nevertheless, he will not hesitate to help the student if they're in trouble, and protect them from any possible harms.

⇒ In some instances, he is very persuasive to gain the advantages or solving the problem without the need to use violence (which is his last resort). While his nature is a pessimist, Mercy's able to concentrate on the important things during critical situations while blocking out emotions. For example, he'd be cooperative although holding a deep grudge toward a certain person depending of the situation. "A revenge could wait, even a thousand years."-is what he hold. He's also a faithful devout and have a higher respect of those who believe in god.

⇒ Upon having conversation, he'd often making subtle, occasionally obvious, cynical remarks. However, contingent upon the company, he'd try to sway it away quickly with a polite and pleasant talk. When feeling dull or "out of the system", his behavior turned playfully mischievous, such as pulling people to his games, a simple childish prank, but most of all a tease since he finds them getting embarrassed is lovely and entertaining. In addition: a hypocrite; he'd sulk if you teased him instead.

TL;DR: A type of person who takes a long while to open up, especially with his cynical and arrogant attitude would require a tremendous patience from his company. If you finally earned his trust and closeness; he'll be loyal and highly value the relationship.

⇒ Likes:
- Books
- Tranquility
- Meditating
- Philosophy
- Vintage clothings
- Tea times
- sweets
- Trolling his gender.

⇒ Dislikes:
- Getting Ashamed
- Filth
- Failure
- His height
- Disorganisation/mess
- Slackers

♦ History:

Mercy grew up in a moderately rich family with considerable influence in the province they lived in due to his politician father. He appeared to be a healthy child living a normal life with his sister as students in a public academy, but at the age of ten, triggered by his anger towards his friends bullying his sister and mocking his own feminine appearance, it was revealed that he had a heart problem. Immediately, his parents pulled him out of school and decided to homeschool him to better treat him.

Initially, he was diagnosed with an incurable heart problem. However, this didn't cause him to give up living from knowing that fact. He trained hard to gain remarkable ability in fencing not only as per his family's expectations, but also to improve his endurance with the hope that he'll either get over the illness or, at the least, make the attacks less frequent. He also studied thoroughly the treatment of heart disease as he disliked relying on the doctor and everyone else, due to his pride. At the same time, he discovered a martial art that fascinated him with its fighting method, and decided to study under a teacher he secretly hired. But it ended after a few months of training when his father found out.

Mercy simultaneously hated his parents while loving his mother. His father was known to be a greedy man often involved in white-collar crimes. He pressured Mercy into the same career as him for the sake of dominating the government, while his mother was overprotective towards him due to his health.

Eventually, he chose to live on his own, persuading his parents by saying that he was studying to become a better politician, when in actuality he had enrolled at Academy Milizia to prove that he was capable of being independent, strong, and different from his father. With this, he thought he would be able to release himself from living under his father's shadow as well as clear up the family name after subduing his father of his crimes.

During his days as a student at Academy Milizia, he was a very diligent and hardworking senior, spending most of his time in a balance between practicing to adjust his body to the regular drills and studying to broaden his knowledge, proving that combat students don't only rely on their physical prowess. He met a lot of recruits who changed his life, both disastrously and wondrously, greatly influencing his health and personality.

In the second mission, though he proved his worth in providing protection and escorting artillery students to disarm the bombs and escape the enemy ship, he still felt inadequate, especially since his heart problem significantly affected his performance. The ultimate failure made him lose confidence, and the situation only worsened when he received news that both his sister and father were killed in a car crash right after mission's end.

He had a mental breakdown for three days but soon enough rose back up as he regained his composure, cutting his hair with a determination to change. While the academy took a break to rebuild, he decided to go home and once again get a proper, detailed diagnosis of his heart problem. It was revealed that it could, in fact, be cured with surgery. Without further delay, he underwent the operation, which fortunately ended up successful.

Upon receiving the announcement for openings of officer positions, he was inclined to offer himself, both as the biggest step he's taken in his life, and to show his mother his way of developing into a better man than his father. Beforehand, he had made many preparations by honing his skill in close-combat, continuing to master Aikido (Japanese martial arts) with the previous teacher at a Dojo in France, and replacing his fencing by focusing on guns.

♦ Merits and Inventory

⇒ Current Merit Count: 435
⇒ Total Merit Count: 435
⇒ Inventory/Stock:
- M9 (Beretta 92DS) Pistol x 1
- Switchblade x 1
- Pack of Cigarettes x 1

Additional notes:

- Obviously, he's proud for being able to look good as both male and female. cries
- It's highly possible for people to mistaken him as a girl, and when this happens, he'd change his tone slightly into a feminine voice and behavior not only for his own entertainment, but utilizing it for some occasions.
- If he's in a poor mood, he'd call the students by Petite Chien/s meaning "Little Dog" or "Puppies"
- Fear of height, though he can cope with it better than before.
- Wears a 2 inch heels.
- Sense of hearing sharpened when he closes his eyes or in darkness.
- Born on 25th August
- Knowing that he lack physical strength, he compensates by using aikido, a martial art that uses the enemy's power against them.
- Engaged. Wears a ring under his gloves. But your character will not know this. Since Milizia restricts any kind of PDA


RP Method: Just note me or comment here, we can also do it over messenger MSN, YM, Skype (though I prefer Skype). Don't be shy. :iconheeheplz:-------- :iconplak4plz:

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